A little about me

– The webinar is in English so my text about me will also be in English –

I live in Norway, but my second home is in the Amazon in Brazil where I have a large real estate project going called Paraiso da Vida – Retreat & Community, the place of my dreams with the purest water, private beach, amazing exotic cabins and buildings and nature where I also have many Nordic people with me. Maybe you also have a place you love above all else? No, this is not about my Paradise but how me and my team can help you achieve YOUR dreams and attain freedom on all levels in your life, financially, in your health and in your mind(personal life).

I have extensive 20 year knowledge and experience in the relationship marketing segment with 10 of them owning the largest online industry news site in the northern market , (Norway, Denmark and Sweden) called Networkmarketing.no (not active any more). This has given me a broad and deep perspective that allow me to help more people achieve THEIR dreams too.

I am also the founder and co owner of Altshop.no and Natur.no where I have been working as a CEO in 10 years until recently where my brother took over and run the company and I «freed» myself also from that obligation still earning a decent royalty while the company increases in value. Trough these companies I have helped thousand and thousands achieve better health in body, mind and spirit trough delivering nutrition, books and other holistic products to the marketplace closing in on 50 million in total revenue.

What you are about to see is just amazing and it gives such opportunities and help so many people trough one of the biggest and fastest moving trends in the industry. I will not spill the beans before you see the webinar above, then you will know it all and get all your questions answered.

I am sure you will be amazed by what you will see on this webinar above and see your potential freedom, both financial and and healthfreedom as well as already mentioned personal freedom.

So in short, this is a MANIFESTING FREEEDOM and ABOUNDANCE movement like nothing else…

With warm regards
Kjetil Dreyer
Phone: +47 45600654
Email: post@abundancenow.online

Founder and main owner of Altshop.no and Natur.no
Owner of Networkmarketing.no (for 10+  years as owner and writer of 1000+ articles in the industry, at the time it was the main newspaper in norway for the direct sales industry.).

As well as founder of some of the largest people movements in Norway:
Vaksineaksjon (reached over 1,5 million people and still active on FB)
Barnevernsaksjonen (reached over 900 000 people and still active on FB)
Helsefrihetsaksjonen.no (still active online and on FB)
Hampaksjonen.no (latest movement still ongoing)
Stevia to the people movement (we achieved the goal of liberating Stevia in the norwegian market, case closed.

And more…

My name is Kjetil Dreyer and me and my amazing team with engaged and very professional individuals will help you achieve your dreams towards personal and financial freedom.